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Do You Need a Videographer Besides Photographer?

London wedding videographerIs a video more important than pictures? Or if you’ve hired a photographer, do you need to hire an additional videographer? Many couples hire photographers for the sake of a documentary. They don’t think that it’s important to have two types of a documentary of the same event.

We’re here to counter that and tell you why you need a London wedding videographer for your special day. Why a video is going to be different to pictures taken on that day.

Sound and moving pictures

While you can only get pictures from your photographer, you will be able to hear the sound and see people moving and living in your party. The laughter and tears of joy can be seen again and again, as many times as you want through replaying the video.

These cannot be achieved through pictures alone. What did dad say about my wedding dress then? What was the joke that the groom used that everyone seemed entertained at that moment? I really want to live the day when I made my vow with my husband then again.

Pictures are great for remembering and capturing the still moment of the day. But a video can capture the day complete with high-quality sound as if you’re replaying the day again.

Professional videographer does a great job

If you got yourself a professional videographer, you’ll get more than just a wedding video. To get a high-quality video, one needs the ability to plan and capture things at the right moment. They have to be agile and cooperative with the vendors working at the same place, too. Take a look at www.pedroportela.co.uk, a London wedding videographer.

For example, the DJ department has access to music and sound system. Your videographer will always try to gain access to them to get a better sound quality. If that proves to be hard, they will bring their own sound system, such as a mic.

The videographer can work with your photographer

There’s also the fact that if you allow your photographer and videographer to work things out, it’ll create a much better result. Your photographer has his own thought and plan, so does the videographer. But if planned together, your pictures can be aligned with the footage of the video.

For example, they can both shoot from a similar point of view without having to clash or bumping into each other. It’s a typical thing to fight for the best spot between photographers and videographers.

Once in a lifetime chance

Your wedding is something that only happens once. That’s why you want to have a documentary of that day, yet, you think that pictures would be enough. If budget allows you, never forget about your videographer.

Hiring a professional London videographer is going to help you get a full record of the day without missing a thing. You’ll be able to replay the day on your TV or your anniversary later on. The review from other couples?

“Amazing, we cried and laughed watching it together.” Every couple that had their wedding videos done by Pedro left such positive review. Don’t you want to also feel the same thing about yours?