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These Are Things Wedding Photographers Tend to Forget

Wedding photographers PortsmouthWe know that some wedding photographers Portsmouth tend to focus on photography skills that they forget others which actually contribute to the business as well. For example, you may not have treated your last clients as friendly as you should have. Others may not have come to the wedding with the appropriate dressing. We make mistakes, but it is a sin to not realize and change it!

How to treat clients

Remember that your clients are people who have no experience in hiring a professional wedding photographer so go easy. You will always have to help them understand and convince them that you are the better choice. You also cannot bombard them with too many knowledge on photography, yet, you have to explain enough to show them how you are better.

Patience can draw thin when you have to deal with so many consultations in a row. Since not every one of them is going to be your client. You have to show the same smiles, enthusiasm, and confidence to every each of them if you wish to find a client that will be convinced.

One way to do this is to also show a complete album that you’ve done before. Of course, choose the best one of your previous works and always update that album. If you think that your current work tops your best, change your portfolios. Always show the best to your clients because you will also do your best.


Wedding photographers Portsmouth, like jameswhitephotos.com, must always make insurance a priority. Without it, you might meet a big problem that you cannot handle directly. Losing your equipment to losing your working space due to natural disasters can deal a huge setback. However, it is up to you to prepare for those by getting an insurance to protect yourself.

Insurance doesn’t just protect you, but it also becomes a label. It shows you are not just a wedding photographer; you care about your profession and do your best on it. Wedding venues also prioritize wedding photographers who are insured as they need protection as well.


Next to photography skills are your marketing strategies. Things will not be able to pick up if you don’t tell others about yourself. It’s important to have regular updates on your social media account and ensure that potential clients can easily find you. You may even want to learn SEO as that will help you optimize your site’s content to appeal to people that most need you.

There is also the fact that you are probably offering the same things as other photographers. Learn on ways to present yourself differently and create interesting offers. They don’t have to be cheaper or more expensive. One thing that people really enjoy looking at is the ability to customize their package. They don’t have to pay for things that they don’t really think as important and will gladly pay for what they want.

Wedding photographers Portsmouth who do this are still rare, so it’s a very good concept to try out.