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Communicate Your Approach as a Photographer Surrey: Why It Matters

photographer SurreyEvery wedding photographer Surrey has his own style of working. Some like to remain invisible for the day and take the pictures as naturally as possible. They want it to look like those pictures were taken by an invisible photographer that will capture your emotions up close and all those moments from the best angle.

But with that, comes so many other photographers with the similar and different approach. Your clients also have their own preferences and want you to work in a way that is suitable for them. This is why communicating it matters. You want them to understand and like you before you start working.

Introduce yourself

When asked, you can explain your style in brief and show more of the examples that you want to show your clients. You want to tell them ‘this is the results of my works and I believe people love this.’

You can ask them if they don’t know what documentary or fine art means and explain in the simplest way possible. Throw away jargons and professional terms and put it in a way that won’t make them have to think like a scholar. Use your pictures as an example to explain your style.

When you explain about your photography career, briefly tell them about your experience as a photographer in general and then as a wedding photographer. Emphasize that your experience has helped you understand and appreciate the love and moments of a wedding.


When the clients are starting to show interest, you can just start telling them what you can do with their wedding as their wedding photographer Surrey. The photographer that we met at MrShutterbug Photography told us that it’s better that you act like you are already their photographer and show them what you can do. It builds their trust in your skills because you are showing your knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to ask more about their wedding. Make sure that you know what you are about to do and they’d become more reliant on you if you have shown more of what you will do for them.


After signing the contract, don’t hesitate to tell the clients of the things they have to be careful about. Some photographers think that clients should be the one who asks them questions. But you are not like that. Be the friend that cares about their event and tries to do his best to help the couple. Asking for their itinerary is an example.

Once you know when the group pictures and breaks will be, then you can plan when you want to take those pictures. Is the time allocated for group pictures enough? Is there enough time during the golden hour to take the pictures at that time? How early do you need to arrive to take the preparation pictures? You can also explain how you will work specifically in each part of the itinerary.

Communication is a vital in being a photographer Surrey part and letting your clients know how you work will not leave them in mystery. It will also gain you a sort of agreement and consent when they know how your wedding photography works.