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3 Essentials A North Wales Wedding Photographer Needs To Have

North Wales wedding photographerPlanning for your first wedding this weekend? Then, you need to ensure that all the necessary gear make it into your camera bag. For a new North Wales Wedding Photographer, the first job is always the most difficult due to the pressures of proving yourself. Therefore, to make things easier for you, ensure that you prepare a checklist of important things you ought to have for that day.

However, before you can even think of going to that wedding, make sure you have already purchased all the right equipment. After all, you cannot take what you do not have in your possession. In this article. We will be taking a look at 3 of the essentials every wedding photographer ought to have in their bag.

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We definitely cannot talk about work essentials for a photographer without mentioning the most important thing – the camera! The first thing that ought to go into your work bag is your digital camera. Without it, how do you expect to take pictures of the couple on their special day?

Your camera does not have to be the most expensive one on the market nor does it have to be the latest release. As long as it is effective in getting the job done and can impress your clients, then you are good to go. However, before going to the wedding, make sure that the camera is functioning properly.

To be on the safe side, you can also carry along a backup with you. Anything can happen on that day and you want to ensure you are well prepared.


The thing about weddings is that various activities are bound to take place at once. The bride might be walking down the aisle and at the same time the groom is trying is best not to tear up. However, these two individuals might not be in the same frame due to the distance. What can you do to get the right shot? The answer is have the appropriate lens with you.

Lenses are a North Wales Wedding Photographer’s best friend. With a variety of lenses to choose from, you will be able to capture any shot you want. When going for a wedding, it is important that you have a portrait, wide angle, zoom and specialty lens with you. The specialty lenses cover cases that are extraordinary that is when a particular difficult shot can not be obtained with any of the prior mentioned three. It is up to your discretion to determine if you want to carry them along with you.


Weddings can occur at different time of day. Depending on which end of the spectrum you find yourself, a flash would come in handy. Lighting in images are important as they can make or break a shot. Imagine having to cover a dimly lit reception area without a properly functioning flash? How will your images turn out?

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