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Things You Need To Know As A Bride

Vendors are your guardian angels.

Lancashire wedding photographerIf by now, you are starting to set up the plans for your wedding day and seeing them in motion and you don’t have at least a handful of wedding vendors that you can rely on, then you know that you missed the mark and you should be hard at work in looking for people who will be there for you and who will follow through on the tasks and the services that you require from them. Dedicate your time and effort on finding the perfect wedding vendors and your life as a bride will turn out to be easy and breezy.

Don’t try to just wing it and call in favors from friends.

As much as they love you and want to take care of you, you need to take note of two things. The first one is that they aren’t seasoned in this type of job. They probably haven’t that much experience in something like this and it would be unfair for you to demand professional results from amateurs further down the road. The second thing that you need to take note of is the fact that they have their own lives to live. As much as you honestly think that your wedding is the most important day of the year, that may not be the same for them. They have their own lives to go back to, responsibilities to take care of and so on. They can’t possibly dedicate every waking minute to you and to your wedding plans. This is what sets professional vendors such as your Lancashire wedding photographer apart. For the time that you book them and even before that, their main dedication and focus is all about following through on the job and on the service.

Quantity over quality with the design.

Don’t just buy cartloads of stuff and hope and pray that your coordinator and events stylist will be able to make the most out of them. When you are coming up with the décor for the wedding venue, everything needs to be intentional and purposeful. You can’t just leave something like this off to chance. Focus more on the quality of the items that you are bringing in and how they fit in well with the rest of the setup that you are trying to accomplish instead. It might cost you a little more time in the beginning but imagine the amount of money that you will be able to save this way. Not only that, you will less likely be frustrated with how things turn out so far. Listen to what professionals like your events stylist, planner and even your Lancashire wedding photographer have to say about the décor and take them to heart.

Give yourself time to relax.

Don’t overwork yourself somewhere in the process. You are a bride who needs to be and to look her absolute best during the wedding day. It can be a little hard to pull that off if you spent countless nights and restless days trying to plan out the wedding of your dreams.

Anticipate the challenges as much as possible.

When you anticipate them, you will most likely be prepared for whatever circumstances might throw at you and this will put you in a far better place for when you have a wedding day to have to think and worry about. Have those plans in place and you will never be left wanting.

How To Get Ready For The Big Day

Give your groom a to-do list.

Lancashire wedding photographerThe to-do list thing doesn’t just apply to you. Make sure that your groom has one too. Even if it’s just something as simple as ensuring that the vows are written ahead of time, you need to make sure that he has all of the necessary reminders so that he doesn’t miss out on anything.

Manage expectations when it comes to groomsmen’s behaviors.

You need to sit them down and talk to them and go over the ground rules for the main wedding day. If you don’t happen to have one yet, then it is high time that you get started on mapping out what they are so that your groomsmen will at least be informed about the things that are being expected of them at the end of the day. Although some are more or less expected and understood, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make sure that they are spelled out accordingly. If you want to assign one to work hand in hand with your professional Lancashire wedding photographer, then let him know in advance so that he already knows what his role is and what type of task is being delegated to him so far.

Break in your shoes ahead of time.

The thing is, no matter how much they hurt, heels really can bring your entire wedding day outfit together. There just isn’t any getting around it. There is something you can do to help minimize your agony though. It helps out a lot if you make sure that you at least get to break in your shoes ahead of time. You can’t really fake how you are feeling during the photo shoot. If you are in pain, your Lancashire wedding photographer is bound to pick up on it one way or the other and more than that, it is something that you can control by breaking your shoes in so that they are at least comfortable to wear during the day of the photo shoot.

Easy on the perfume.

You don’t want to be overwhelming and all over the place. Some well placed perfume on your major pulses such as your wrists, the nape of your neck, either side of under your ears, and maybe the insides of your elbows will do. Take note of the fact that you need to be elegant and classy during the day of your wedding and going overboard with the perfume can be the entire antithesis of that and you need to make sure that you will really be able to go ahead and do something about it at some point or so. This same rule applies to your groom as well. Make sure that he more or less tones it down a bit with the perfume. You want people to be attracted to you, not find you repulsive altogether so keep it clean and simple and more importantly, remember to always make it a point to keep things subtle as much as you possibly can. People like your Lancashire wedding photographer will be working closely with you and you certainly wouldn’t want them to feel awkward trying to turn their face away ever so often when they get near you, would you?