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Simplify Your Job as a Wedding Photographer Dundee With These 4 Apps

wedding photographer DundeeApps are great tools to help improve the productivity of a wedding photographer Dundee. They can help you keep on top of things whether you are on the move or at the office, and they can easily streamline the process of controlling a business. Apps can also offer assistance with different aspects of the business, from finances to productivity to photography.

Apps have become a staple in the daily life of most of the world. They are also a strong presence in professional lives, with many of them catered by professionals for professionals. Here are four recommendations for apps that will help with your photography business:


Dropbox offers on the go cloud storage. It is an essential tool for photographers to provide access to their work, as well as providing space for the ever-necessary back-ups. With multiple options in how to organise your folders and what level of access to grant them, Dropbox simplifies the process of putting order in your files. It also offers multi-platform access, so you are not restricted to your phone or your computer. You can always access your own files and share them from wherever you are. It also has upgrades available in case you need more space.


Getting paid while on the move can be quite an ordeal, especially now that more and more people forego carrying cash. Square can help with vastly simplifying this process in a very easy and straightforward way. You only need to register and purchase their card reader with a one-off payment and from then on you can easily take and process card payments while out in the field. It also allows payments via phone, invoices, and online. The time spent on dealing with payments can now be spent on other aspects of managing your business.


The influence of social media use for a wedding photographer Dundee is immense, but it can be difficult to handle all the accounts and the usage required. This is where Buffer comes in to assist with social media productivity. This app allows you to manage all your social media from one place. You can schedule posts across the board, making sure that your online presence never falters, regardless of your actual level of availability. It also includes analytics that offer insight into how your posts are doing.


A photography business is usually handling a few projects at once, and Trello can simplify the organisation of those projects. The app provides you with boards, lists, and cards that you can use to put order in your projects. It also allows you to give access to collaborators so that everyone involved in the project can contribute and remain informed at all times. It has a very wide range of features, and it is a great visual aid that keeps you on top of all your projects at once.

Apps have been proven to be huge helpers to photography businesses. They also make the process much more fun and more streamlined, allowing the wedding photographer Dundee Angus Forbes Photography focus on other aspects of their work.